Spirituality and Morality in Character Building

Dr. Honey Sethi
M.A., B.Ed, M.Ed, M.Phil, PhD
Asst. Professor in English
Singhania University, Rajasthan

Dr. Tamanna Rani
M.Sc (Physics), B.Ed, M.Ed, M.Phil, PhD
Asst. Professor in Physics
Singhania University, Rajasthan

Mr. Gaurav Sethi
B.A., M.B.A, Doing M.Sc. (Psychology)

We very often hear that  "100 mein se 90 beimaan , phir  bhi  mera Bharat Mahan". If ninety person population is dishonest and corrupt then how could we be so Mahan? The answer is that" Spirituality and Morality stays in this  Jahan ,that's why mera Bharat is so Mahan"


India is great because of its Spiritual and Moral values. These two components distinguish India from other countries. The article will show how a person can be characterized through Spirituality and Morality. This article studies the role of morality and spirituality for character building. It articulates the spiritual principle and its rationale. It looks at the development of the human condition in the light of spiritual principles. It proposes a way of moral living as a means of identifying an individual human spirit with the universal spirit. Merging of the individual spirit with the universal is seen as the ultimate development of human character and its ultimate goal.

The article goes on to study character- building ideas in order for moral behavior to become an effortless natural lifestyle. It states that living a virtuous life shunning all vice is necessary but not a sufficient condition to achieve the ultimate goal.



People, who are fully self- realized, agree about the fundamental nature of the universe. Once such Spirituality is experienced, one recognizes the ultimate truth in all things and sees self-reflected in everything. Even a simple belief in or a cursory knowledge of this unity makes people develop a sense of family and oneness with other seemingly diverse entities in universe.

Universal principle can be considered in three dimensions-the gross physical, the subtle and the causal. We ,the humans are same at physical level like water to drink, food to eat and shelter to hide and at subtle level like intellect to think and mind to feel but still we are alike. It means, there is something at the causal level that energizes, animates and enlightens both mind and body without which there would be no consciousness.


Morals and the expression "moral values" are generally associated with a personal view of values. Personal morals tend to reflect beliefs relating to drinking, gambling, etc. They can reflect the influence of religion, culture, family and friends.

Morals are far more about good and bad than other values. A person can be described as immoral, yet there is no word for them not following values. Morals are as motivations based on ideas of right and wrong. Morality shows how a person should behave. Morals have a great social element to values and tend to have a very broad acceptance. We can judge others more strongly on morals than values.


Character is what makes a person. It can be defined as 'the inherent complex of attributes that determines a person's moral and spiritual actions and reactions. Character is not in born. It must be learnt. Teaching and building the right character, in children, is an essential part of Morality and Spirituality. As it is said

If we want to establish ourselves as human beings,as a divine soul,as divinity then we have to endowed ourselves with moral and spiritual values like love,compassion,sympathy,forgiveness,charity,surrender to god etc.

Spirituality and Morality provides the necessary discipline and support needed to see people reach Godly goals. God has given the word and the holy spiritual as his agents of control to help to provide directions and controls on our lives. As it is said" it is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice' 


Morality and spirituality must improve the human conditions. This involves expanding one's identity to include other beings and entities in the universe. The principle of spiritual oneness thus lays down the following moral imperative:-

* Good is what makes for unity or oneness; and
* Evil is what makes for separateness or division.

The feeling of oneness with the entire universe is an ideal to be achieved in one's life time. This is the ultimate in human development.

When a person is said to have character, it usually implies they have distinguishing moral values, moral qualities, moral virtues and moral reasoning abilities. A moral and spiritual person understands right and wrong and willfully chooses what is right.

A good number of people in today's world do not think what is right or what is wrong? They think their own lives should be fashioned in these lines, 'why should I be playing a different tune when everyone else is dancing to the tune of a dishonest and hypocritical life?' They continue to indulge in this line of thinking until their morally wrong thoughts and actions return to them in some way and until they have to face the character-issues with regard to their family or immediate area of work and life.when a son betrays his father or mother,an employer tricks the employee,a friend injures a friend or vice-a-versa and so on, shaken up by these harsh facts they become spiritual humble and begin to look for an answer in spirituality and moral values.


To develop an inner nature or to build a good character, individuals must live by some guiding Principles. Traditional wisdom requires the following guidelines as well as tools of spirituality and drugs to cure mental diseases:

* Purity of mind and body
* Contentment
* Austerity
* Compassion
* Self-study
* Surrender to god
* Charity
* Forgiveness
* Love
* Understanding
* Disciplined life

One must observe the following guidelines to behave in society in a way that makes for unity or oneness in the universe:

* Non violence
* Honesty
* Truthfulness
* Non-stealing
* Non-acquisitiveness
* Intelligence
* Devotional worship of God

The hurdles in building of a good character

* Infatuation & Delusion
* Pride
* Lust
* Greed & Anger
* Acquisitiveness
* Envy
* Understanding & lavish lifestyle
* Maliceness
* Ignorance
* Hypocrisy
* Falsehood
* Desire
* Violence & Cruelty
* Hate
* Fear

A life with balanced moral and spiritual values may lead one to non-attachment, freeing one from the confines of narrow self-interest, prejudices, complexes, and preconceived ideas. Thus, the path of spirituality leads to continuous human development, leading to the realization of complete unity with the universal principle. This Spirituality as well as Morality acts like a resident guide and counsellor who holds one's hand and leads one through the straight and narrow of life with poise, self -respect and dignity. Morality feeds upon spirituality and spirituality upon morality.


Spirituality and Morality be the role model and the best teachers that children can look up to and parents themselves are also able to teach children the right way .One must possess the attributes that we want children to learn such as love, courage, commitment, comparison, and confidence. One should also be dependable, easy to talk with ,generous, friendly, fair, gentle, honest, humble, patient, loyal and tolerant and willing to exercise self-control. These are just few of the character building attributes that will shape the character of the child or human being.

Character building won't take a day a week or a month. It is something, which should be continued throughout the child's life. There are times children will come home from school with problems with the teachers, or the other students. Through character building discussions you can explore positive ways of dealing with some problem-people. In the end, we, our  families, our children and our entire society will benefit. The more we respect others, the more we are respected.


1 The scripture 'The Main Stream Of Spirituality' SANT NIRANKARI MISSION, DELHI




   Published on IndianFaculty.com: 14/04/2012

 Source: E-mail 13/04/2012

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