Effective Resume Writing...
It Can Make or Mar Your Career

Dr. Anupama Shekhawat
Assistant Professor
Maheshwari College of Commerce and Arts

A resume is not simply relaying where one has worked in past and for how long; it's about showcasing one's abilities and experiences in hopes that business owners will see him/her as the perfect person for the job. Therefore, the primary and essential skill that an individual needs for securing the job is resume writing. This skill is regarded as the first and most effective skill that one should develop for during job search. The resume markets the candidate as a business proposition to the prospective employers. This document goes along the hallways and rooms of Human Resources managers advertising the fact that amongst many candidates in queue who is the right one to be called for the interview. It introduces the candidate, sells his profile and prepares the interviewer or the organization as to what do they expect from you at the organization. This is the reason that it deserves careful and the right preparation, proper content and its presentation. From the stationery to the font to the envelope, the resume sells everything about candidate in minute detail.

The objective of a resume is simple it needs one to spin his/her life into a positive list of experiences. This however, does not mean, of course, to lie or exaggerate. Never do that. Instead, highlight the good in the best colors. All the achievements have to be retold explained as per the job requirement. The objective is to create an informative and well-executed resume, one that will make employers happy to have you in their company.

The resume outlines the skill set and elaborates about experience of the candidate to the employer. Once, finished scanning through the resume the employer frames a fair idea of what and how the candidate can prove worthy to the organization.  The resume as talks about the points of strengths and weakness give a clear preview as to what kind of a person the candidate is. The ideal resume should therefore be able to highlight the exact and required details that necessary for the job and make you one of the strong contenders for the job. In short it should get you past the first hurdle and get you an interview call.

Exciting it seems but the problem is how does one draft and effective resume which bids for an interview? Firstly, the candidates should know as to what kind of job he has applied for. This is because then it helps to know the job candidate has applied for and will help him/her to align his/her strengths around the requirements of the job and the organizational goals and Vision. In the resume, the candidates should bunch their achievements, highlights, strengths and qualities appropriately and convey self-image well. For this, the candidates must take some time to draft the resume with care. To draft the resume well the candidates must look into the organizational website or periodicals so that they have an idea as what are mission and vision of the organization, and accordingly draft the resume.

While drafting the resume one should remember that the single objective of a Resume is: To secure an interview. In order to draft a resume in accordance with organizational roles and responsibilities one must know what specific skills and capabilities the company values most for the position candidate is applying for this can be achieved by careful reading of the advertisement and job description for clues to this. It should clearly state the career objective up front, which must match the job requirement for which the candidate has applied for job, for example, "To work as a market research manager for a major apparel company". It should focus most of the page on the relevant skills, experience, and link these with what the company is looking for. Be specific on the skills and capabilities acquired till date and the accomplishments achieved. Such as promotion of business and establishment of organizational brand in terms of sales goals, team development, accounts secured, products launched, etc.

Resumes normally fall into two categories these are Chronological and Functional. In the chronological resume, the details about the events and experiences are stated in a chronological manner with recent jobs listed first. This is a straightforward and coherent format, which most people tend to understand easily. Though it is, an uncomplicated layout for people who have followed a logical career path it may not be the best option for people who are fresher in their career or for someone who has uneven career path. For type, II people the functional resume are better because it focuses more on the different functional abilities, which are accumulated over the years. It is good to put across the benefits accrued out of the experiences in each function to help the employer get a fair idea of job profile held in past. Experts figure that an effective resume has about 30 seconds to sell your case to the employers. A well-written resume stops the search of employer and recruitment and selection of the candidate. It must be concise, easy to read, eye catching.  Therefore, it can be said that precious space of resume must not be wasted as over exaggeration of facts and increased number of turns lines resume into biography. Incorporate the ideas that have already been discussed, use this last bit of room to add more details about job history, educational background, etc. The resume must have vigor, energy and an enthusiasm to create an impression that remains with the reader. Therefore, Resume must have perfect tone, the perfect layout, the best strengths upfront and display of unsurpassed skills.

Though it appears very simple to draft resume yet there are some rules, which are very important while drafting an effective resume. Firstly, there should be no typing errors this means that the candidate should take care of proper spacing and of uppercase and lower case reference. Secondly, there should not be any errors in spelling. The candidate should check and recheck the spelling errors as this gives poor impression to the Resume reader. Though in resume one has to mention about skills and strengths, yet it has to be done in such a manner that that it does not appear as lying or grandiose embellishments. Similarly the candidate must not include negative information should be included such as about weakness etc. therefore it is advised that include only relevant information.

The widely accepted format of the resume is as follows:

* Name
* Address
* Phone number
* Objective
* Education (current at top)
* Skill Set
* Experience
* Licenses/Certifications
* Accomplishments/Achievements
* Affiliations/Memberships 
* Activities and Honors

Hence, never mention about height, weight, age, place of birth, marital status, gender, race, health or social security number. Do not write the word "Resume" at the top. In resume, no statement begins with "I" or "My". One should never mention reasons for leaving previous job. Also, refrain yourself from mentioning salary Information for previous positions or Salary Expectations. In this secular world, never mention about associations with any specific religion, church affiliations or political affiliations. The candidate can speak about CGPA if it is 5.0 or higher, however, if the overall GPA is lower than 3.0it is not worth mentioning. Similarly, if the certificates you have are relevant to job one has applied for then mention them otherwise not. Never fold and stuff resume in an envelope instead buy envelopes that are the same size as your resume and slip your cover letter on top, then your resume. Type an address label and return address label and mail flat. With this pattern of approach wait for interview call that is sure to come!!


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