Crowd Sourcing - Concerns of Yesterday and Today

Dr. Sheela Singh
Javed Alam Sheikh
Sr. Lecturer
Ghanshyam Binani Academy of Management Sciences
Mirzapur (U.P)


"Crowd sourcing is a distributed problem-solving technique in which the problems are broadcast to an unknown group of problem solvers, in the form of an open call for solutions."

* The crowd is a complete and comprehensive term used for the people (crowd) who contributes to crowdsourcing efforts by submitting their solutions.
* This system is used to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Since the beginning of the civilization the human being always looked for the solution of their problems from their family, relatives or from their familiarized sources when they found themselves unable to find out the solution. The motto has been the same just the orientations got the changes in the passing passage of times. Let's  check it out in given below table-



* This was termed as a participative problem solving techniques of limited and acquainted numbers of people (crowd) who were of specific demographical characters like age, experience; knowledge etc.

* Crowds (who submits solution) are a random sample of the limited population i.e. Localized in scope.

* Due to the strong social bond the participation used to participate without any lust of monetary benefits.

* The value and impact of the work received from the crowds may be of high level due to the strong social bonds. Here the motto is not for the financial benefits rather than performing the tasks well.

* Susceptibility to faulty results rarely remains and verifying responses is not required and if it required it would take less time consuming.

* Problems are broadcast to unknown respondents of unknown demographical profile.

* Crowds (who submits solution) are a nonrandom sample of the unlimited population i.e. Globalized in scope.

* Due to the lack of monetary motivation very few participants may participate in providing the solution.

* The value and impact of the work received from the crowds may vary as the crowds are completing multitasks with a motto of financial incentive to complete the tasks quickly rather than well.

* Susceptibility to faulty results generally remains and verifying responses is time consuming.

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   Published on 07/05/2012

 Source: E-mail 07/05/2012

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