Sorry For Being Harsh A Little Bit


Abhishek Kumar Pandey
Assistant Professor
Computer Science Dept.
Bhagwant University
P.O. Box No. 87, Sikar Road, Ajmer (Raj) 305001

Teaching or being teacher is all about to inspire the trust of your client(student), like every other profession technically, but remember teachers are likely to impact the lives of many individuals in fact I believe teachers are the superlative architect of your individuality. According to me teachers themselves should be the student of anthropolyginist. Primarily they should be sinister, keen minded but the secondary and tertiary attribute should constitute a human being with rational thinking what I think rational thinking should be the end product of education, but, but, but the story of teaching and the protagonist teachers have stepped in to different roles these days. The whole scenario of this profession has been changed. I mean teaching profession is being cited as less desirable profession. Even in recent survey in Turkey it was found that the profession has been diminished morally and financially. Being an apostle of hope for their students and society the teachers couldn't able to fantasize their profession in order to make youth to dream for this domain of service. I do feel teachers are most overrated star on paper but the most underrated on practical ground. Owing to underpayment in this profession ignorance toward it rises. Even if teachers have ability to change the lives of other, they couldn't manage to change the diminishing status of their profession. Decline of income somewhere down the line result in diminishing of social status of teachers. One of the devastating reasons could be the appointment of sycophant teacher suffering from banality decline the income although cost of living is rising. What I feel the underlying factor to be investigated concerning teaching as career, motivation is mandatory attribute. Students would have been ambling in their life if their remotes to get forward are not in hands of teachers. Sorry if I am being harsh a little bit but I can't visualize the dream of coalition between teaching profession and financial success comparatively to other profession. I believe the success of teachers lie within their choices. they should be teacher by their choice not by default because they are suppose to be the cornerstone who leave  no stone unturned for making their students  gems, who always been astute for them throughout  their  penance.


   Published on 25/04/2014

 Source: E-mail 24/04/2014

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