Who are the first stake holders in Indian Education System?


Dr. Manohar Kapse
Assistant Professor
Jagran Lakecity University
Bhopal, MP, India
Mr. Vinod Sharma
Director - Organization Development
Modern Group of Institutions
Indore, MP, India

Education is one of the important things we need in our lives after food, clothing & shelter. The Education in India plays a significant role in improving livings standards in the country because good education results in good career. Indian Education System in present era is a great advantage to both learners and educators.
But the quality of education provided to the students these days is a big question?

In ancient times Education was provided by government and there were very few private players in the market and even Indian students were eager in getting admitted in government schools/colleges. The early years of schooling generally focus around developing basic interpersonal communication and literacy skills. This lays a foundation for more complex skills and subjects. But the changing reforms have resulted in the exploitation of education. Now days, Education usually turns toward gaining the knowledge and skills needed to create value and establish a livelihood. People these days pursue education through Private Players. I am still uncertain about the services which the private service providers provide in education.

The Indian education system is facing an unprecedented transformation in the coming decade due to economic and demographic change. India's young population has a huge appetite for education. And Government has made plans to alter the sector over the next five years.  Every aspect of education is being reorganized and remodeled but what is actually happening on the ground is that private players are taking the lead and making money instead of providing quality education.

Again a big question arise here is, who are the prime stake holders?

* The parent who pay the fees,
* The students who are to be educated,
* The faculty members who are the service provider at the ground level,
* The Management or organization which is instrumental in providing the education,
* And lastly, the Society at large who will be benefited by the students.

A stakeholder is a person who is involved in providing welfare to those who are associated with school like administrators, teachers, staff, students, parent, community members, school board members, alumni and government representatives. Every stake holder is important, but who has to be considered as the primary stake holder?

If we talk about another stakeholder i.e. the parent who want to give their wards the best education possible and for the same they put their 100% efforts which can be in the form of time, money, knowledge etc.

Another stakeholder i.e. students then with the increasing competition, students act as the building blocks of the education system. They are the raw material in our education system and if a student doesn't contribute in the system, then there will be no productive finished product being produced.

Yet another stake holder is the faculty/teacher who is instrumental in converting these raw materials into finished good. Better the processing unit best is the output.

Lastly, the management acts as the supporting block to the processing unit in producing the best output. In fact they should acts as the link between the students, parent, faculty and the society. And human beings should understand that Education is a long road traveled among our youth with all the supporting stakeholders. 

Although, these stakeholders work together and help in meeting the key challenges for education in India but again it is important to answer who is the first stakeholder in INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM.



   Published on IndianFaculty.com: 03/04/2015

 Source: E-mail 02/04/2015

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