Bottom line of the quality improvement measures of Indian Education?


Dr. Manohar Kapse
Business Analyst and Consultant
iNurture Education Solutions Private Limited

In India there is huge cry that the education system in India is very old and it needs to a face-lift. There are many conferences and workshops held in this regards and funded by NAAC, AICTE and UGC. Hundreds of academicians of National and International reputation gave their expert comments and suggested policies to revamp the quality of the Education system. There are many self acclaimed academicians and educationalist who gave their own theories and implemented them in their organizations.

Few of the policies are to implement strict rules for the students and faculty members. Such as enter the organization at fix time (Like a Factory worker), it is good to be regular and disciplined, but requirement of teaching (faculty) and learning (student) is not time it is presence of a mind.

Now it is becoming mandatory that every student should be given Handouts, PPTs, Question Bank, Self Learning Material, Audio and Video Lectures. Don't you think it is just like putting blinkers on students mind, that they have to study only those things which are given to them. Don't you think that they will go through them only, because questions will be asked from these parts only (and if not asked from these parts then why they are given?). So give them better books, non customized evaluation system and better teaching, for rest of the things Google is there.

It is always talked "give freedom to the students", so give them freedom. Let them learn the way they want it, whatever source they want "google, youtube, books, online courses, etc", when ever and where ever they want to Learn let them Learn, but evaluate them strictly. Don't put them in a closed classroom and let learn through a teacher who is really busy more and more with non teaching activities.

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The future of teaching will be totally different then what it seems today or what it was two years back (2012). Due to advancement of Information Technology, availability of smart phones and Laptops and Internet, the teaching and learning scenario will change within the next 5 years. The introduction of online courses by MIT, Standford, Harward, coursera, edx, etc is an indication of the expected future changes in the Education Industries. Government of India had funded a lot to IITs for producing e-learning materials such as video lectures, self learing materials, ppts etc for both the students and faculty members. The age is very near when there will not be any students or faculty member in the classroom, everything will be virtual. The students will be at a place of their choice and the faculty member equipped with high quality of gadgets will be at his house or office or studio and will teach the students online.

One of the best solutions given by one of the academician to improve the quality of education is only through the "Examination Systems". Some suggest two way evaluation systems, i.e. internal and external evaluation of the students. The ratio of internal and external should be 30:70, where the internal component consists of tests, viva, quiz, class participation and so on. The external consists of only the written exam. Some of the experts suggest progressive evaluation system, where the students are evaluated as the course progresses and marks are locked at each stage. May be a computer generated systematic question paper with proper weight-age to each unit of the syllabus. The question papers should be given proper weight-age to all the types of questions, such as multiple choice, short answers, long answer, practical questions, case study, etc.

But still the examination system totally depends on the faculty members. An evaluation system where the involvement of a faculty member, who teaches that course should either be least, or inculcate ethics in the system. Inculcating ethics in the system will be a better option.

A time should come when the education system should be totally independent of the Top Management which includes Vice Chancellor, CEO, Principal, etc. At the middle management level, which include registrar, examination section, supporting staff. And at the bottom level or operational level the faculty members. An Education System should be developed which depends only on a set of predefined unbiased rules and regulations, which are formed with unbiased motives and with the ultimate aim of developing the students, faculty members, society and country at large.


   Published on 08/09/2015

 Source: E-mail 06/09/2015

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