Whether 0 is superior or 9?


Shyam Singh

In the Universe each one has its value. Importance of any object is judged by its virtues, the integrity. For comparing any two or more than two objects we need to apply some method commonly agreed on macroscopic scale. There are four universal methods: Addition, Subtraction, Division, and Multiplication.

Let us check which one (0 or 9) holds its integrity.

0 + 0 = 0
0 0 = 0
0 0 = 0
0 0 = 0

9 + 9 = 18
9 9 = 0
9 9 = 1
9 9 = 81

We learn 9, which in the physical world seem to be larger, keeps changing its integrity: 18, 0, 1, 81; but we find no where 9 after the operation. However, none of these operations could change 0; it is always 0.

In the perspectives of spiritual world 0 is HE (the one and only one), and numbers 1, 2, 3, , 9 are we (both living and non living beings).

Let us see how?

Environmental influences make us different (any operation leads 9 to be a different number). Of course, all living and non living beings can merge into 0 by losing their self, but 0 remains always 0.

Multiplying any number by 0 becomes 0 [9 0 = 0], meaning each individual is infinitesimally small in comparison of 0. It attains the level of 0.

Dividing any number by 0 results into infinity, 9 loses its identity and approaches to 0.

Addition of a number to another number [9 + 1 = 10; 9 + 2 = 11, 9 + 8 = 17] leads to a different higher number, this is what we are. For any gain we feel happy - something different.

Subtraction of a number from another number [9 1 = 8; 9 2 = 7; 9 8 = 1] leads to a different number, this is what we are. For any material loss we feel miserable - something different.

Addition means my merging into HIM - HE remains THE SAME, but side-by-side I also attain HIS STATUS.

Subtracting 0 from 9, does neither alter 9 nor 0; but subtracting 9 from 0 makes -9 (negative 9). I was born with HIM in me, but learning from surroundings I eliminated HIS existence from me; I reduced to nothing. But my separating from HIM (what is I am today) does not change HIS integrity.

Place value: putting 9 before or after any number. Take for example number 4. Placing 9 before makes it 94, and putting 9 after it makes 49. Though 94 is the mirror image of 49, but 49 is smaller than 94.

Placing 0 before 4 becomes 04, its value is still 4 (when I turn away from HIM, I remain I). Placing 0 after 4 makes it 40. The 04 and 40 are also mirror image, but 40 is ten times higher (when I move towards HIM, I am elevated this what Krishna told to Arjuna believe me even a step forward is to your credit, this is the seed and seed never vanish).

What we learn operations among numbers still result into numbers. The 1, 2, 3, , 9, and combinations/permutations thereof without a unit convey nothing but a new number itself. For instance, what does 9 means without saying 9 rupees, 9 apples, 9 men. To be meaningful 9 have always to be suffixed with something.

The 0 is not a number. In physical world 0 alone has no value; neither plural nor singular. We do not call 0 rupees, 0 apples, 0 men or 0 rupee, 0 apple, 0 man. The 0 is 0, for its worth to realize it does not require any object to be prefixed or suffixed. Performing physical exercises or summation of numbers (e.g., 1 + 2 = 3) are not what is called YOGA. YOGA has to be between two different species that is of pra and apra . For this very reason the evolution/existence/birth of the body is needed. Just to remind myself, I was not born into this world for eating, for making money, for making relations with other members (1, 2, 3, ., 9) of the association (the society). There was/is a very specific purpose of my coming performing YOGA and become SOHAM.

This is what GEETA tries to tell me through Chapter 4: practice to see/feel HIM in all living and non living beings (char and achar components of apra) and all living and non living beings (char and achar) in HIM - a state called samatav. After attaining samatav, the only face-to-face knowing of HIM is called the knowledge and the procedure to get this knowledge is called the true science. But still 0 and 9 have separate identities I got to apply operation of addition (YOGA) to become SOHAM. YOGA is the science of extinguishing apra (the Prakriti) and dissolution into pra (the HIM).

This is the humble difference between 0 and 9 for both spiritual and material worlds, and importance is only the importance of HIM, not of mine.


   Published on IndianFaculty.com: 23/01/2016

 Source: E-mail 22/01/2016

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