Exploring I


Shyam Singh

In this wonderful universe filled with air and water
Sun, Earth and Moon; morning, evening and noon
Mountains, plain and river; rains, winter and summer
Cities, villages and huts; plants, flowers and nuts
Elephant, loin and bees; milk, butter and cheese
Adoring You O Lord! Opened eyes and ears
Looked below and above, left and right, ahead and behind
Ears sensed musical chirps of birds and cries of people
Born in a family of Hindu, Muslim, Christian
Got labeled as Hindu, Muslim, Christian
Born in India, Pakistan, America, England
Got labeled as Indian, Pakistani, American, English
Grew with father and mother, sister and brother
They gave a name to identify and owned I
Lived day and night with pain and pleasure
Love and hatred, peace and war
Became a beggar or an emperor
A rich or popper, a pupil or a teacher
Indulged in conversations on who and why
Made friends and foes while asking who is I?
Six feet tall with head, hands, legs and other organs
Or the hidden within; stomach, heart, lungs, kidney
Grew with these parts of the body
Is this body I? 
All parts leaving behind (died)
So this body is not I
The only soul parted is the soul I?
Soul did not eat, drink, breathe and grew
Soul is neither Hindu, Muslim nor Christian
Neither Indian, Pakistani, American nor English
Then who is this I?
This body is like a machine and energy may be soul
Without energy machine alone does not work
Without machine energy alone does not work
Combined together energy and machine work
Put together is life
Should this life be called I?
What for I came here?
Did I come for eating, loosing, achieving? No
Did I come to make relations? No
Came on the Earth to enjoy the learning of self
But got trapped into day to day needs and rituals
Boundaries of relations and religions taught differences among likes
Walked across the lands asking teachers and preachers
They taught a lot, but not the I
They asked of my identity
A fact not known to me yet
Searched in head and heart
In books of science and philosophy
Found Planck epoch and Fermi energy
But nothing about I
Wondering all over and exhausting in mystical journey
Most is lost, little is left to realize
I is neither the Sun, nor the Earth or Moon
I is neither five vital air, nor sheath of the body
I is neither mind, nor intelligence or ego
I is neither hand, nor feet or other organs
I is neither hatred, nor feelings of envy and jealousy
I is neither pride, nor attachment
I is neither greed, nor infatuation
I is neither bound by merits, nor sins
I is neither bound by worldly pain, nor pleasure
I is neither bound by death and its fear
I is neither bound by the four treasure
I is neither bound by rules of caste or distinctions
I is neither enjoyment, nor the enjoyer
I is neither disciple, nor spiritual teacher
Neither do I had birth, nor father and mother
Neither do I had friends, nor foes
Neither do I get attached to anything
Neither do I get freed from anything
Beseech thee O Lord pardon me
It was my ignorance, the I is not me
You are omnipresent in everything
The I is Yours, please save me


   Published on IndianFaculty.com: 26/04/2016

 Source: E-mail 24/04/2016

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