Seema Sharma
Assistant Professor
NIMS Uniersity

Date: 06/12/12


Parents! the only source of eternity
Who come for their child's security
Find them to be apprehensive for their prosperity
For they create an environment of morality
Deep and enhanced with love and affection
They are down on the earth to perpetuate sincerity
Sometimes sweet, sometimes rough
Are they here to resolve the things that seem to be tough?
Yes, that's what says my sinking heart first.
They stand by our side and fulfill our wishes
In the hope that we will create a history of success.


Oh! Chief of the family
Honorable and respectable of your company
Sweet, benevolent and innocent for the progeny
Prominent chef of talent and creativity!!!
Open your eyes and fill the snowy touch of this morning,
For each one of them is praying for your well being.

These are the lines of a girl swinging in her dreams
With wishing and praying for your success that will flow like a stream
Oh! Gentle and handsome personality
Accept the love which is tied with spirituality.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  Published on 04/07/2013

  Source: E-mail 04/07/2013

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