Seema Sharma
Assistant Professor
NIMS Uniersity


God! Giver, Observer, Destroyer
Splintered the beauty of Uttarakhand
O!! The Omnipotent, the Protector
Helpless to save the innocent creatures?
Ruined the everlasting shadow of nature?

You, the Nightmare
Blushed and Washed out the heavenly connectors:
A means for the devotees to climb the ladder
A Heaven to refine the soul and purify the tongue
Composed a painful song to be sung.

The agony of a father
Defined all the love for his son further
Sweet and lovable the four year
Was dumped in the divesting fear  
Stung by the ivory white water
Ah! Unable to feed his daughter

Oh! Oh! Preserver, listen, listen the cry
Laden the power to let them try
You stuck by a stone
As if Nandi your bone.

Lively you stand there,
Without hoarding them from fear
Seems as if ready to tear
Tell, O lord who will take care?


  Published on IndianFaculty.com: 04/07/2013

  Source: E-mail 04/07/2013

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