Aditya P. Singh
8133/5 Stadium Road, Opposite YPS
Patiala-147 001 Punjab (India)

It is hard to spend a life,
with faded memories,
torn scrapbooks, in dimmed twilight
waiting for rains to arrive.

It is hard to spend a life,
being thrown out by the very ones,
who you thought were your own,
to be ridiculed, spat on, and
made the talk of the town.

It is hard to spend, perhaps, a lifetime,
living in a dinghy boat,
cast out in the open seas,
with so much water,
but none to drink.

Let me light a lamp,
therefore, and atleast in my dreams,
travel to distant lands,
go walking like a tramp,
with all the books and music,
I ever loved, and travel all round the world.

It is harder still to spend a life,
wondering if anyone ever understood you,
for all that was Holy, pious, peaceful
and sacrosanct, can easily be overturned
at the revolution's start.

It is hard enough to spend a life,
this borrowed cloth in a frosty night,
and harder still to tell apart,
returning cattle's dusk from muted metallic
armed calls.

I think I will just rest awhile,
and maybe pass this night,
thinking of what can be and yet will not be done,
for wiser Men, fancy their voices,
to hear them in empty rooms with claustrophobic

In this lifetime and rebirths later,
I wait for day and night to melt together,
then in those days, I will sing all day long,
this, my Beloved, my pitiful song.


  Published on 25/10/2011

  Source: E-mail 25/10/2011

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