Shivangi Jaiswal
Department of Management & Commerce,
GD Rungta College of Science & Technology
Bhilai (CG)

Sometimes in Light and sometimes in dark,
When my eyes lopedout of this entire spark
Came a dove who hold my hand
With skillful wings and magical hands...

He taught me how to fly in cold and rain,
And to judge what's right & wrong again…
He said rivers are calm and seas are turbulent,
And to discriminate among Oblivious and Vigilants…

I saw him nurture those tiny seeds,
Till the date they became humungous trees…
I need to recall all his caring deeds,
And I never thought how special he would be…

The days will pass and minutes hand would run,
And I will see him smiling on every turn…
The arrows of time and space will never stop,
Till he sees me reach on the top…

What else can I say about his esteem?
There are numerous debts unpaidon him…
His advises are sigh of relief,
Without his counseling my vision starts to fade

He is just not a mentor,
But also a friend, He is a true GODFATHER,
Till the worldfor me ends…


  Published on 11/07/2015

  Source: E-mail 10/07/2015

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