Prof. Malay R. Patel
M.Sc, M.B.A,
Assistant Professor
Business School
Auro University
Surat (Gujarat)

We are living, in the world of commerce & trade;
Where, no sciences are recognized, unless they are, commercialized, on scales;
No, crafts & arts are patronized, in any form; if there, is no commercial sales out of it, to conform.
Application of the knowledge is the key they say,
But, what is the application of knowledge?? I say, I say!!
  Application of knowledge is another name of trade, were your own knowledge is to be utilized for
your own betterment and gain.
The merchants are the true rulers of the states in, deed,
And the money-making is the only business, which is prevailing today, indeed
The trend of the day is to trade more and more for your profit and gain
Let, mankind in general, get suppressed and drain
Reshaping, redesigning of this world is required, with new zest & zeal;
Were, commerce & trade culture are compelled, to take a backseat.



  Published on 18/01/2017

  Source: E-mail 17/01/2017

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