Prof. Malay R. Patel
M.Sc, M.B.A.
Assistant Professor
Auro University
Business School

Human Problems

The world is full of problems as we see, but, in reality problems are just few and finite, believe me!!

The first problem is of "Scarcity", scarcity can be of different kinds;

For some, scarcity may be of cash, for some, scarcity may be of time;
There can be, scarcity of motion; there can be scarcity of emotion,
There can be, scarcity of growth; there can be scarcity of inclusive growth
There is Scarcity of health; there is scarcity of wealth;
Scarcity of food; Scarcity of mood; Scarcity of source; Scarcity of resource
To study scarcity and its kind,
We learn many subjects along with economics clustered & combined
However, we don't have a single answer to this problem of scarcity and its kind;
Scarcity is not in goods and services, believe me for a while;
The problem of Scarcity can only end with your satisfied state of mind.

The Second problem is of injustice by deed,

No, socio-legal system ever, can find solution to this indeed;
Injustice can be by law; Injustice can also be by a culture which has a flaw;
Though, we study hefty and lengthy different laws for sake
In, some countries long constitution is even written; to keep the justice system of the country awake,
Still, Injustice & discrimination is there is different format and form
No, one can stop this problem until and unless there is a major reform
No, legislature by any nation can ever assure injustice free culture by design;
Your liberal & fair attitude of mind can only solve this problem, which is universally still, undetermined.

The Third problem is of Ignorance

Ignorance arises, due to lack of awareness & understanding in deep
Ignorance can be for nature, Ignorance can also be for other living creatures
Ignorance can be by narrow-mind, Ignorance can also be by traditions which are rigidly confined
Ignorance cannot be cured by all logical education system which is alive
Faith in thy self, Faith in nature, Faith in humanity can only solve this problem, which is worldwide.

Another form of Ignorance is, 'Ego'; Ego is nothing, but over consciousness of your mind;
No, one is bigger & better than me, you believe this almost any time
Although, we have been taughtto adjust all resources each & every time
Still, we don't know how to adjustour ego for a while;
If we, can learn to adjust and optimize our ego, believe me nothing can be worthwhile

The Final problem is of Selfishness & Greed.

Selfishness is excessive concentration on self advantage & benefit over others
Attitude here is "I will do everything for myself first", I am least bothered about others thirst;
Selfishness is pillared on the self-benefiting reasons and arguments I Say,
But, that is not what world, needs today, I Say, I Say
The feeling of compassion and considerationhas to be developed without any Selfish reason;
Only then, world can be better place to live in; Irrespective of any season.

If you demand more than what you need, then you are breeding nothing but, greed indeed;
Greed doesn't have any end, but it provokes you to pretend
Pretension is of growth, more growth, more & more growth…!! Growth up-till certain extend is fine,
But, growth beyond limit is just like a cancer cell with a fault line
Greed can only be curbed by kindness, which isdiscrete If, we do this trust me life can be a wonderful treat!!


  Published on 17/02/2017

  Source: E-mail 16/02/2017

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