Aditya P. Singh
8133/5 Stadium Road, Opposite YPS
Patiala-147 001 Punjab (India)

To provide warmth and comfort
every light, needs a lamp,
Some wise men thought a lamp
made of gold, or silver, or brass or
bronze might have the answer
These people had their biases
in what they themselves had
But to this day the light-maker
knows that a simple earthen lamp
will do, one crafted out of seven virtues
like the seven colours of light will be best.
To this day the light searches for a lamp
moulded of material like itself, one that
shares its history, material, and essence
will be best... as soon as light finds its
lamp I will let you know, for there will
be comfort in this world, and the light-maker
shall invent a prism too, to give alchemists
matching colours for their expensive
material lamps too.. so let us sit together
and huddle for the Light Maker has been
belittled as a cheap watchmaker.. let us give
time and space for Him to work His Magic
for everyone... and to this day every small ray
of light searches for its missing lamp.


  Published on 20/04/2012

  Source: E-mail 20/04/2012

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