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Indian Institute of Technology Madras
IIT Madras

• Admission Opened for M.S / Ph.D (2018-19)

• Solar Revolution for India

• Campus News

• Deepak Prakash (ED student) wins 'Third Prize' for poster presentation at SIAT-2019

• Mayarani (PH scholar) wins 'Best Presentation Award' at ICSM

• Anuradha, Papri, Bhaswati & Ayan (CY Scholars) win 'Best Poster Prizes' at CRSI NSC-24

• Prof. Veeraragavan's Editorial Board membership

• Sagadevan and Lekshmi Mohan (CE Scolars) win awards for their paper

• Book edited by Prof. Raghu Prakash published by Springer

• IIT Madras Team enters ACM ICPC World Finals

• Dr. Varisha Rehman and Ayush Chaudhary (MS Scholar) win 'Best Paper Award' at ICEBM-2019

• Dr. Nitin Chandrachoodan & Prof. Anand Ragunathan's paper chosen for 'Best Paper Award' at DATE 2019

• Dr. Abdus Samad's book published by Wiley
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

P.O. Bhat, Dist. Gandhinagar

• 35th & 36th Summer Camp on Entrepreneurial Adventures for Youth

• 13th International Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship

• Annual International Conference on "Student Innovation, Start-ups and Ecosystem"

• Entrepreneurship Development Project for SC Youth Gets Inaugurated

• Application form for Entrepreneurship Training Programme

• Application for Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) under National SC-ST Hub Scheme

• Research on MSMEs Gets a new Impetus with Inauguration of the MSME Research Block at the Institute

• EDII bags the 'Sustainability Leadership Award 2018'

• From a Fisherman to an Award Winning Entrepreneur

• DST-NIMAT Project: 2019-20: Call for Online Proposals

• National Faculty Development Programme in Entrepreneurship
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