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Pondicherry University



R. Venkataraman Nagar, Kalapet, Puducherry-605 014



M.Phil. Anthropology
Ph.D. Anthropology
M.Phil. Sociology
Ph.D. Sociology
M. Phil. (Social Work)
Ph.D. (Social Work): Full time and part-time both internal and external
M.Phil. History
Ph.D. History
M.Phil. Politics & International Studies (Full-time)
Ph.D. Politics & International Studies (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))
M.Phil. Asian Christian Studies (Full-time)
Ph.D. Asian Christian Studies
Ph.D. in Management
Ph.D. Computer Science & Engineering [Full-time, Part-time (Internal & External)]
M.Phil. Commerce (Full-time)
Ph.D. Commerce (Full-time & Part-time)
Ph.D. (Full- time, Part-time (Internal & External))
Ph.D. (Tourism Studies)
Ph.D. ( Full-time & Part-time)
Ph.D. (International Business)
Ph.D. Mathematics (Full-time, Part-time (Internal & External))
Ph.D Programme in Statistics (Full Time and Part Time)
Ph.D. Electronics Engineering (Full-time)
M.Phil. (Envr. Technology & Engg.)
Ph.D. (Envr. Technology & Engg.)
M.Phil. Physics (Full-time)
Ph.D. Physics (Full-time)
M.Phil. Chemistry (Full-Time)
Ph.D. Chemistry (Full-time, Part-time (Internal))
Ph.D. (Full-time & Part-time)
Ph.D. Bioinformatics
Ph.D FOOD SCIENCE AND NUTRITION (Full time, Part-time: internal and external)
Ph.D FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (Full time, Part-time: internal and external)
Ph.D. Mass Communication
Ph.D. Electronic Media
Ph.D. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Full Time)
Ph.D. Ecology and Environmental Sciences (Full time)
Ph.D. Marine Biology
Ph.D. Coastal Disaster Management
Ph.D. English (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External)
M.Phil. French (Full-time)
Ph.D. French (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))
M.Phil. Hindi (Full-time)
Ph.D. Hindi (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))
PG Diploma in Functional Hindi
M.Phil. Sanskrit (Full-time)
Ph.D. Sanskrit (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))
M.Phil. Philosophy (Full-time)
Ph.D. Philosophy (Full time & Part-time (Internal & external))
M.Phil. Physical Education (Full-time)
Ph.D. Physical Education (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))
Ph.D. Drama and Theatre Arts Full- time & Part-time (Internal & External)
Ph.D. Green Energy Technology
Ph.D. Nano Sciences and Technology
M.Phil. Women's Studies (Full-time)
PhD Women's Studies (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))
Ph.D South Asian Studies
Ph.D Southern Asia Studies
M.Phil. Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy (Full-time)
Ph.D. Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy (Full-time & Part-time (Internal & External))
Ph.D. Microbiology


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Who is a Ph.D.? A Ph.D. is one who helps others through his research and develops the country.
This is the true objective of doing a Ph.D.
- Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba




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