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Providence College of Engineering

Applications are invited for immediate appointments for the following positions in the college
Director 1 / Principal 1
C.S.E, E.E, E&E.E, M.E. (1 per dept)
Associate Professor: C.S.E, C.E, M.E. (1 per dept)
Assistant Professor: C.S.E, E.E, E&E.E, C.E, M.E. (1 per dept)
Assistant Professor: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English (1 per dept)
Librarian (Gr iii) 1 / Library Attender 1 / Technician (Gr i) C.S.E. 1 /
Technician (Gr ii) C.S.E 2, E&E.E 1, C.E 1 / Workshop Superintendent 1

Mobile: 9656023571

Source: The Hindu - Empower (New Delhi) 18/03/2015 Page 13



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